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GTG Canvas Builder PRO


With our help, you can learn to think like a GuyToGo and develop a fully equipped business canvas for any business type Before starting any activities.


Get the bird's eye view and forge bullet actions required to create a full GTG business plan before starting actual activities.  

Product Superpowers


You can access all the features of the GTG Canvas Builder product by clicking on the provided link. To learn more about it, follow the link.


You will share your ideas with us, and we will provide you with the best possible solution to collaborate on the canvas


We will monitor your progress on Canvas and ensure you stay on track, motivated, and responsible for your work.


We are here to assist you in completing your GTG Canvas sheets successfully so you can proceed to GTG HUB SOFTWARE.


If you're ready to start your business, we'll prioritize your software onboarding without having to wait in line. The seat is reserved for you.


We will transfer data from your completed Canvas to Software and set up your GTG Hub.

How it works


This centre will allow us to create your GTG canvas. It's packed with sheets, videos, updates (including use cases and tips), communication tools, important dates, and meeting schedules.

1st Meeting - The status Quo and The Vision

On the first Meeting, we'll explore your business idea together and come up with solutions within a week.

2nd Meeting - Review and Sync

Once thoroughly review your Vision and expectations, we will synchronize them with our solution. We will set your Pitch sentence.

3th Meeting - Setting up the Boxes

First, we'll identify the desired Box you want to start with. Then, we'll develop a tailored plan with products and services for your Box.

4th Meeting - Developing a Product/Service

We will help you develop or find the perfect product for one specific box. We are setting the main and sub-transformations, descriptions, names, variations, and prices.

5th Meeting - Financial and Time structures

We will set your Financial planner with costs, income and investments. And We will optimise your Time planner, setting up the production time, service time, development time etc.

6th Meeting - Product Page and Sells page

We will set the product page on which buying customers will land with items, meetings, possible achievements and updates for your future customers. We will also prepare a shiny and effective sales page for a product developed earlier.

7th Meeting - Communications with Updates

We will prepare Update planners for a chosen Box, Product Page and Sells Page with starting Updates (for each use case) and an Evergreen campaign set for followers on your future GTG HUb Software.

8th Meeting - Social Media and distribution channels

We will set the "post" planner for each Update (starting kit) for social media (general) with one "post" use case.

9th Meeting - People planner

We will provide recommendations for partners and affiliates for your branch and create initial (starting kit) public and private communication updates.

10th Meeting - Task

We will assist you with the task creation process and guide you in effectively planning your activities based on your available time.

Review our work and handle your complete Canvas

We'll assist you in rewriting the entire Canvas and walk you through it, ensuring that you'll be capable of managing it independently.

What you get


You get everything from the product Canvas Builder.


We offer 10 one-on-one meetings with our team, each lasting 60 minutes. Additionally, we will work on your canvas after each meeting to prepare material for the next meeting.


You will get Twenty-four filled canvas sheets perfectly transferable to GuyToGo software in a day.

How it looks

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Are you the one

With great ideas and little time

If you're full of ideas but struggling to connect them into a cohesive business plan with the limited time you have available, we can help.

Tens of finished business canvases that just don't fit in any software entirely

Have you taken courses from various business experts only to be left with several platforms, apps, services, software and hardware to manage once the masterclasses were completed?

With the Vision, products or people

Do you have a vision for a better future but lack the necessary tools and systems to achieve it? Alternatively, do you have a product that is difficult to bring to market due to limited resources and manpower?


Starting something alone can be challenging, especially when you have no one to share your thoughts and ideas with. It's difficult when there's no one who truly understands the images in your head.

Need for a supervisor, motivator or accountability chief

Starting a project can be overwhelming when there are numerous factors to consider all at once. Without a reliable system in place to help manage the chaos and keep you on track, it can be challenging to maintain focus and motivation to make progress step by step each day.

With money and no time

If you're looking to start a new venture or make a switch to something better, and finances are not a concern, but time is limited, we can help.

In a Hurry

Sure, yesterday would have been ideal. However, the truth is that achieving your goals may take several months or years, despite your dedication and efforts to begin as soon as possible.

With a headaches because you are not out yet

It seems like you're striving to reach the end, but unfortunately, you're not making any headway. You're trying to move forward, but new information keeps coming in while old information fades away, leaving you feeling stuck in the same spot despite your progress.

Finding our Vision the one for you

Are you feeling interested in our vision for a future world, our dedicated mission, the ground-up tools and software we offer, and the growing community we are building?

What you have to do

Are you the one

Do you agree with at least one statement above? Then we can help you. Buy this product and start a transformation into a Guy to whom people go.

Set a meeting

Set a meeting in any form, personal in our headquarters, via zoom, messenger, or facetime, from your Canvas Builder centre.

Hit the Canvases

We will assist you in getting started with our system and provide guidance during meetings to get the best out of you. Let's collaborate and paint on the canvases together.



+ applicable TAX

Frequently Asked Questions

What I can do with accomplished canvas

GTG Canvas is best served with the GTG Hub Software. It means that you can start adding data from Canvas to the Hub Software and, with this, launch your business (when you set legal requirements in your country).

Do I have to be at the meetings 

Yes. If you are serious about starting a business then you must be at the meetings, because you will learn how to think and operate with a given canvas.

How long are the meetings 

Usually from 45-60min.

When meetings will occur

We will agree about each meeting in advance and if necessary, we can always reschedule. Basically, we will both keep an eye on the price - Finished Canvas.

What do I need to participate in the meeting

To enter the meeting, you'll need a computer, laptop, or tablet and a fast internet connection. Choose a communications platform that supports video, audio, phone, and chat. You may also want to have pen and paper, or preferably use the Canvas .pdf sheets.

Can you please confirm the language for the meeting and Canvas?

We will communicate using straightforward and uncomplicated language that can be easily comprehended with basic English knowledge. In case you encounter unfamiliar words, we can provide explanations. The delivered Canvas will be in English, and if you prefer your native language, you will need to translate it yourself.

What is the period for accomplishing Canvas with your help 

The statistical time is 40 days. After that period, it's just polishing the finished work and adding new boxes/products/updates, items/meetings/achievements and posts. There will be two meetings per working week. Of course, if we miss that number, our deadline will be overdue.

What is the period to accomplish Canvas without you

You can complete it in 30 days if you are really into it. But if you start lacking, the period will prolong a lot. Canvas Builder is a great tool to do it alone. But if you want our eye on your canvas, then Canvas Builder Pro is one to go with.

Ok, when we start

After the payment is complete, we can start within seven days.  In the meantime, you will get your Canvas Builder Center Pro with material and instructions.

Is it possible to pay now and start later

Yes, it is. If you pay now, you can start latest in 6 months from the purchase. If you don't start, we will return the money -297€ for the basic Canvas Builder Center, to which you receive access instantly after the purchase.

Do you offer payment options like monthly instalments

Only for this product we do. There are three instalments of 840€ per month. But the meetings will happen within three months. If you have time, then this is my better option. If there is no payment upon the agreed date, the meeting will not occur. Simple as that.

I can't afford it, but I want it; what now

We understand and empathize with you. You can join our affiliate program, which offers generous fees. You can also buy GTG Canvas Builder, which is 1/10th of this product price. With our supreme Updates, you can learn it alone.

So I don't like it, at all.

Ok, no problem. We will return you 297€ immediately due to the EU 15-day return policy for no reason because of the online purchases of the digital product within 15 days.

We prepare the program with the Canvas Builder Center + 10 meetings and a final Canvas copy. Because it was physical labour, we will return the money balance according to the number of remaining appointments.

  •  The starting point is 2223. Each meeting is 222,3€
    • 2520€-(297€-Digital product)=2223€  

So if you choose to end it after one meeting, we will return you 224€*9=2.297,7€ if the meeting happens within 15 days of purchase. If not, then we will return 2.000,7€.

So if you end it after five meetings, we will return you 224€*5=1.111,5€. And so on.

Is there a contract

Yes, you agree with our Terms of Use and Privacy policy with the purchase. In the Terms, you will find the section explicitly about this product Canvas Builder Pro.

Is there any additional bonus

Yes. Only for buyers of the Canvas Builder Pro product, we offer 25% of the GTG Hub Software. Forever.




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