Get Paid for Playing

by being a GUY to Whom people go in your field of expertise


a business




Free your potential and stop being a cog in a system


Build a sustainable business surrounded with your people, then aim for a “million dollar” product/service.


Attract your people, form great relationships with customers, partners, affiliates and competitors and stop chasing ghosts of masses. 


Offer variety what world bests can offer, suitable your people needs and stop forcing what you think is the right for them.


Outline one thing you have at the moment and simply go from there. Ask your self, Are you the One:

You have an idea,.. about anything! It can bee product, service or vision of how world can look like in the future. 

You have a Vision of how world can look like in the future in your field of expertise, passion and knowledge.

You have an experience in certain branch, working, studying or simply observing experts for a long time  

You have prototype of the product rise from your idea. 

Yes. You have complete product ready for entering the market. 

You have skills or license, trainings or school/faculty etc. education. And you are good or want to be on a certain field.

You are already conducting a business or simply throwing ideas on the paper. You understand all the parts of a business from idea to selling stuff. 

You are extremely passionate about something, it can be birds, cars or cakes. You love the doing and thinking about that thing "almost" every second. 

You established your self a healthy follower list on any channel. 

You are working or want to work with chosen partners and suppliers. 

You got it all. You have a store or conducting a serves.

You are an expert or not "yet" and conducting passive or active content live or online on many many platforms.  

You wrote a book, or pamphlet or guide or short pdf. Or you want to sell someone ells masterwork. 

Ok, you are selling your own or someone's ells hard product. My be even dropshiping. 

You are a coach and helping your people achieving great stuff. 

#2 ENVISION with canvas

Insert your known data into GTG-HUB and set all the missing part of a GuyToGo Hub.

establish the mind set

You, serving your people with perfectly suitable products/services and get paid for it.

Get the birds eye view

Have all parts on 1 paper, in order to connect all aspects of business, validate, get inspired and plan next moves.

Use pen and paper

Just you and the pen. The best way to simply envision, plan, update.

#3 enroll with software

Connect, sell, provide an earn. ​

All in one software

Everything you need to start and conduct your online activities from custom editable pages, complete store with tons of business plans, POS solutions,... marketing automatisation, affiliate center,...

Canvas compatible

Software is build from scratch based on Guy to go philosophy. All the data from GTG - Canvas are simply transferable to software. Easy to use.

Designed beautifully

Our premade templates are clean and specially design for simple to use customer experience.

#1 Envision with Canvas

Download canvas and envision your GTGHub, from a birds-eye perspective, then plan test evaluate) your actions safely before ever even start actual activities.

#2 Upgrade to a software

When Canvas is set, simply transfer all the data in "all in one" software, especially craft for your needs.

#3 Connect with partners

When software is set, start connecting with affiliates, vendors, partners and create a process line to attract customers.

#4 Sell and provide service

After the sell, manage customers with service platform, help, listen and envision, plan and set the next sell.

  • There are 3 stages, where you are at the moment. Check below and find your optimal plan.


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Envision your business before ever start actual activities. Risk-free. Pure Joy. Game.​

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After payment you will get access to your, where you can download canvas, and watch specific step by step videos. 

The core model is the same for all businesses. We are developing and innovating business models daily, and adding them into our library weekly. For Canvas purposes 

We believe that philosophy is suitable for all businesses. If not sure Subscribe to our world and find out. 


Start connecting, selling and creating perfect experience

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